5th Istanbul Design Biennial
Empathy Revisited:
Designs for more than one

06.03.2021 - 16.00 ONLINE Can Batukan and Başak Ozan Özparlak will give a speech titled The Human-Robot Distinction through 2030 and Beyond on March 6, in parallel with Empathy Talks. In this talk Can Batukan will delve into the human-robot distinction while expanding on the connection between the “soulfulness of the robot” and “soullessness of the human'' in the 21st century by focusing on dichotomies such as immortality and mortality, life and death, living and non-living, and soul and body. By situating robots in a position that does more than granting them a legal personality or responsibility, and starting off from the question of “Should we defend the rights of robots as much as we defend the rights of trees, water or animals?”, Başak Ozan Özparlak will open into discussion a law system that prioritises humans in line with the dichotomy between living and non-living. The talk will be held in Turkish.
The second episode of the second season in the podcast series, titled Empathy Revisited is now online! Guest: Nikolaus Hirsch
Istanbul Design Biennial’s director Deniz Ova talks with Nikolaus Hirsch, the co-founder of e-flux architecture about their long-term collaboration on the Critical Cooking Show programme of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial and how the biennials and cultural institutions will look like in the aftermath of Covid-19.
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