The Critical Cooking Show is a digital programme of films, lectures and performances that reimagine the kitchen as a space central to design thinking and production.

Cooking shows are a popular television format featuring food preparation, often involving celebrity chefs and personalities, usually highly produced. During the 2020 quarantine, people turned to social media as a space to share recipes and ideas more informally, from the intimacy of their own kitchens. Inspired by the richness of this evolving genre, the Critical Cooking Show offers a diverse range of styles and tones, from food demonstrations to fictional stories or home-made documentaries. Hosted by art, design and architecture practitioners and thinkers; the Critical Cooking Show explores how food exchange, preparation and consumption relates to urgent ecological, economic and geopolitical conditions impacting contemporary culture today. 

The episodes explore diverse perspectives on food, from the microbes that populate the kitchen, to the landscapes transformed by agriculture; from individual hand gestures, to collective spaces of commensality; and from superstitions and ritual, to the rich histories of mundane kitchen tools. Drawn predominantly from our open call for The Kitchen programme, this series offers complex, multi-scalar perspectives on modes of kinship with other species through food as an expanded form of design.

A new video will be uploaded each week from 18 October until March 2021. Also available for streaming on the YouTube page of İKSV.

The screenings at Pera Museum will run until 15 November 2020.

Meşrutiyet Street, No: 65, 34430, Tepebaşı/Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Sunday 12.00-18.00
Valeria Meiller & Agustin Schang
#animal #resistance #decolonial #bodily
Mariana Sanchez Salvador & Rain Wu
#celestial #microbial #culinary #perceptual
Ayşenaz Toker and Merve Tuna
#material #speculative #comical
depatriarchise design, Mayar El-Bakry and Romi Lee
#material #decolonial #culinary
2050+ & -orama
BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide) with Chef Walter El Nagar with Filipe Felizardo
#microbial #culinary #ecological
Ben Goldner and Emma Leigh Macdonald
#microbial #culinary #ecological
Luiza Prado de O. Martins
#vegetable #human #resistance #decolonial
Asako Iwama, Iris Lacoudre, Camille Sineau
#human #bodily