atlas Harran
atlas Harran Design Team
Jawa El Khash
Ben Thorp Brown
Dark Origins
Calum Bowden
Stream of Consciousness / The Caves of Hasankeyf
Emmy Bacharach
A Robocaliptic Manifesto: techno-politics for liberation
Paula Gaetano Adi
Behind Shirley
Ibiye Camp
Party on the CAPS
Meriem Bennani
Alice dos Reis

Empathy Sessions is a selection of film works that expand the notion of empathy. Created by artists and designers, they invite viewers to take on a diversity of perspectives – that of water, a tortoise, or even bacteria – and explore a multitude of spaces in the digital realm: from inside the earth to the deep ocean. Critical of existing and fictional technologies, these films shed light on the inherent biases and empathic opportunities of teleportation, facial recognition, artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology and augmented reality.

From 14 January until 4 March, every Thursday, a film from the selection is made avaliable for a week, through IKSV's Youtube Channel.