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Solar Kitchen
Martí Guixé
Project description

Supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and Istanbul Bilgi University.

This public solar kitchen uses alternative energy – the sun – as its power source. It plays with the flexibility of its users, and their willingness to adapt to atmospheric conditions. At the mercy of the weather, it forces us to reconnect with the environment, to deal with the unexpected and ultimately, to be subject to nature. Inspired by the street-food culture of Istanbul, Guixé’s specific accessories equip the solar kitchen.

Solar Kitchen is a new development of the Solar Kitchen Restaurant project started in 2011 together with Antto Meliasniemi.


Martí Guixé (Spain) was formed in Barcelona and in Milan as an interior and industrial designer. His unconventional gaze provides brilliant and simple ideas of a curious seriousness. In 1994, living in Berlin, he formulated a new way to understand the culture of products. In 1997, he started to exhibit work characterised by the search for new product systems, the introduction of design in food ambits, and presentation through performance. He is based in Barcelona and Berlin and works as a designer for worldwide companies. His work has been exhibited in MoMA, New York; MuDAC, Lausanne; MACBA, Barcelona; La Galleria Nazionale, Rome, and Centre Pompidou, Paris.


#celestial #ecological #comical

Istanbul Bilgi University - Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
This project opens in April 2021.
Istanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus
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