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Buyukada Songlines
Studio Ossidiana
Project description

Supported by Stimuleringsfonds and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Buyukada Songlines is a design project and a journey. A floating garden inhabited by plants, soil, insects and birds, it will travel across Istanbul’s Prince’s Islands archipelago in the spring of 2021, before heading towards the mainland. During its travels, the garden will host people and other animals, events and conversations, becoming a nomadic pavilion populated by the life and the stories of the archipelago.


Part of a tradition of water pavilions that bind water cities across Europe and Asia, Buyukada Songlines is an investigation of our complex relationships with other species: from the horses and the horse masters of Buyukada, to the transplanted corals of Neandros, the garden collects stories and species, becoming a living embassy of the archipelago and its complex ecologies.


Designed by Studio Ossidiana, and hosting unique material research tied to the soils and minerals of the islands, the floating garden is animated by a programme curated in collaboration with The Young Curators Group, the NGO Dunya Mirasi Adalar, Istanbul’s Acik Radio, and ADYSK (Islands Marine Life, Sports and Culture Foundation). The project is realised by Studio Ossidiana (Alessandra Covini, Giovanni Bellotti, Sze Wing Chan) with Sera Tolgay, Daniel Marshall, Merve Yucel, Kerim Bayer, and Ahmet Topbas.


Studio Ossidiana (Italy/Netherlands) is an award winning practice in architecture, design and research led by Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti. Founded in 2015, the practice is always in search of new material expressions to translate visions into engaging spaces and objects.

Playfulness, tactility and inclusivity play a major role in the studio’s projects: stories are told and objects are brought to life through materials and spaces that call for action, discovery and wonder.

Working across multiple scales, Studio Ossidiana blurs the boundary between architecture, design, art, landscape, and urban strategies.

Studio Ossidiana is based in Rotterdam, working with an international team of architects, designers and researchers, and is actively involved locally and globally with projects across the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and the US.

The practice’s work has been broadly published in both printed and digital media (The New York Times Style Magazine, Architectural Review, Domus, Forum, Nai10 Publishers, Artribune, Interni, Icon, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Metropolis M, DeArchitect, Architectuur NL), and exhibited in collective and solo exhibitions (Istanbul Design Biennial 2020-21, Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, Triennale di Milano 2020, Istanbul Biennial 2019, CIVA 2019, Fellbach Triennial of Small Sculpture 2019, Het Nieuwe Institute 2019, Marres House for Contemporary Culture Maastricht 2017, Milan Design Week 2017, Jan Van Eyck Academie 2017, Dutch Design Week 2016).


#mineral #animal #ecological

Dunya Mirasi Adalar, Acik Radio, and ADYSK (Islands Marine Life, Sports and Culture Foundation)
This project opens in June 2021.
Buyukada / Golden Horn
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