New Civic Rituals
Sobya't Thawra – The Revolution Woodstove
Bits to Atoms + BeirutMakers
Project description

Supported by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Beyoğlu Municipality.

This outdoor woodstove is locally manufactured from an open-source CAD file shared by Bits to Atoms. Using laser-cut black steel, it takes about an hour to assemble, and makes use of a centuries' old technique known as wedge joinery, making it fairly simple to reproduce anywhere. The stove has an oven, two niches for coffee and tea kettles, and it functions in rainy weather. Originally created in Lebanon to support and reflect the values of the revolution, the stove is now accessible in the public space to use in Istanbul.

On 17 October 2019, Lebanon witnessed the emergence of an unprecedented political movement driven forward by widespread popular protests calling for sweeping economic and political change. The Sobya't Thawra, a transliteration from Arabic meaning the ‘Revolution Stove’, was conceived as a simple contribution to the resistance, intended to cover the most practical needs of heating and cooking while outdoors in the cold weather. Protesters would sleep around the stove, gather nearby to hold political discussions, and disassemble its smaller parts to protect them from theft during the early hours of the morning.

In the hope of keeping the revolution alive, Bits to Atoms provide access to the CAD cutting file on their website, which can be sent to any steel laser-cutting centre for production by anyone interested in assembling the woodstove themselves.


Bits to Atoms (Lebanon) is an award-winning architecture practice founded by Guillaume Credoz in Beirut. With a research-based approach to digital design and robotic fabrication, its office is supported by an in-house industrial Fablab with cutting-edge technology for metal, wood, plastic and ceramics. The practice’s ability to master complex topologies and create engaging, sculptural solutions is backed by more than twenty years of experience, and an on-going commitment to testing and experimentation.

BeirutMakers is an open collective of designers exploring the role of digital technology in the continuous advancement of design, simulation and fabrication. At its core, the collective investigates a shifting culture of 'making', focusing on how digital technologies are transforming the processes of design, from conception to production, and how makers are redefining the notion of 'design' itself. With a cooperative approach and a research-oriented methodology, BeirutMakers has since 2014 proposed an open platform for makers to think together about the empowerment and potential brought by the digital fabrication revolution.


#human #resistance

This project opens in October 2020.
Karaköy Pier, next to the Karaköy Motor Port
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