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The Map of Empathic Society
The Rodina
Project description

Supported by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Istanbul and Het Nieuwe Instituut.

The Map of Empathic Society invites viewers to step in and become part of the installation. The shapes in the map forming the regional lines are based on extraterrestrial meteorological weather flows, while the geometric forms work as a vertiginous way to pull the viewer into this playground. Inspired by Johan Huizinga's writings about the homo ludens and Donna Haraway's theory of multispecies togetherness, The Rodina believes in the importance of caring and playing in order for an empathic society to develop. The map was developed with a strong sensitivity to the concept of uncertainty as a critical tool, and notions of networked affect. The fictional names point to imagined places that the mind might visit.


The Rodina (Netherlands), co-founded by Tereza and Vit Ruller, is an Amsterdam-based post-critical design studio whose experimental practice is drenched in strategies of performance art, play and subversion, Investigating a theoretical framework around Body, Labour, Surface and Action. Both in commissioned work and in autonomous practice, The Rodina activates and re-imagines a dazzling range of layered meanings across, below and beyond the surface of design, inventing ways in which experience, knowledge and relations are produced and preserved.

This project opens in October 2020.
Pera Museum
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